How to Hold Title to Your Property 8/15/17

One important question you’ll need to answer during your real estate purchase is how to take ownership of the property, i.e., how to hold title. How you hold title has a significant effect in the event of death, so it is important that you have it set up so that it’s the most advantageous toContinue reading “How to Hold Title to Your Property 8/15/17”

Update to Google Moving to Marin County: April 2017

Here is a quick update on the prospect of Google moving to Marin County. If you’d like to read my original post from August 2015, you can scroll down to see what I had to say then. Somehow this rumor continues to persist and remains my most popular blog post despite every piece of evidenceContinue reading “Update to Google Moving to Marin County: April 2017”

Google in Marin?

If you haven’t heard the rumor by now, you should probably think about getting out more. The word on the street is that Google is going to move into the Fireman’s Fund building on San Marin Drive in Novato. I’ve gone from hearing about it once a month, to once a week and, now, almostContinue reading “Google in Marin?”

Novato Sales Statistics for January 2014

A market plagued by bank owned properties and short sales has finally become a thing of the past, and, while the days of these “distressed” listings are not completely gone, the graph above shows the return of a much healthier market dominated by traditional equity sales. As the data shows, we went from having 22Continue reading “Novato Sales Statistics for January 2014”