Who Not to Listen to When Buying or Selling Real Estate

Published 8/15/18 When you’re buying or selling a house, real estate is going to be a hot topic of conversation in your daily life. It’s going to be at the forefront of your mind so it will inevitably come up everywhere you go, whether you’re at work, the grocery store, a friend’s house or aContinue reading “Who Not to Listen to When Buying or Selling Real Estate”

The Biggest Key To Buying Real Estate 3/1/18

The number one thing you should do when purchasing real estate is this: Know the inventory. If you’re in the market to buy real estate, you must be extremely familiar with all the properties out there. This goes for buying your first home, your forever home, an investment property and everything in between. Don’t relyContinue reading “The Biggest Key To Buying Real Estate 3/1/18”

Are You Chasing the Real Estate Market Up? (1/5/18)

If you’re certain that buying a house is a goal within the next couple years, then stop wasting time and make that goal happen as soon as possible, otherwise, all you’re accomplishing is chasing the market up. In this chase, you’re ensuring that you’ll be paying more money for the same house at a laterContinue reading “Are You Chasing the Real Estate Market Up? (1/5/18)”

The Difference Between Condos and Townhouses Explained 10/5/17

Over the years, the lines have been blurred when trying to define whether a unit is a townhouse or a condo. The simplest way to separate the two types of properties is by land ownership. If it’s a true townhouse, the land that the unit sits on is owned by the homeowner, whereas, if it’sContinue reading “The Difference Between Condos and Townhouses Explained 10/5/17”

How to Hold Title to Your Property 8/15/17

One important question you’ll need to answer during your real estate purchase is how to take ownership of the property, i.e., how to hold title. How you hold title has a significant effect in the event of death, so it is important that you have it set up so that it’s the most advantageous toContinue reading “How to Hold Title to Your Property 8/15/17”

Update to Google Moving to Marin County: April 2017

Here is a quick update on the prospect of Google moving to Marin County. If you’d like to read my original post from August 2015, you can scroll down to see what I had to say then. Somehow this rumor continues to persist and remains my most popular blog post despite every piece of evidenceContinue reading “Update to Google Moving to Marin County: April 2017”

How to Score the Best Deal When Buying Your New Home or Investment Property

Published 10/11/16 The single most important thing you can do to score a good deal, even when submitting offers in a market favorable for sellers is this: Be Active. There are a couple different aspects to this concept, but, once you’ve decided to buy a home, you need to be ready and you need toContinue reading “How to Score the Best Deal When Buying Your New Home or Investment Property”

Is Our Real Estate Market a Bubble?

I have a client who insists the current real estate market is a major bubble getting ready to burst. He believes that the lending practices are still unstable, which will cause people to default on their loans and drive us back into the depths of foreclosures and short sales. He also asserts that unemployment is going to skyrocketContinue reading “Is Our Real Estate Market a Bubble?”