Update to Google Moving to Marin County: April 2017

Here is a quick update on the prospect of Google moving to Marin County. If you’d like to read my original post from August 2015, you can scroll down to see what I had to say then. Somehow this rumor continues to persist and remains my most popular blog post despite every piece of evidence clearly proving that it was nothing more than a rumor that doesn’t seem to have ever had any merit. The bottom line is that it’s over, and we can safely say that it was never going to happen. I’m still waiting for all those people who were so adamant that it was true say that they were wrong, however, I don’t think that’s going to happen either. There were so many stories from countless people that insisted that they had inside information, but there’s been nothing but crickets from them for the last year and a half. At this point, I don’t believe the story warrants any more attention than this quick paragraph, and we can now safely move on to more important things 🙂


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